A tasty dish that ticks all the boxes

Sitty Zungu wowed everybody with her crowd-pleasing chicken and waffles with a veggie twist

The first episode of Rate My Plate kicked off with a spicy group of ladies who brought the laughs, #lewks, hilarious kitchen banter and, most importantly, they gave Chef Dede Wyt some tasty dishes. Sitty Zungu, Jerida Tsipa and Nomfundo Blose battled it out, but ultimately 19-year-old student and self-proclaimed foodie Sitty ticked all the boxes and grabbed the title. This is her mouth-watering winning dish with a healthy, hearty Harvestime spin – go on, try it!

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Veggie Waffles with Fried Chicken and Fresh Mango Chutney

Preparation time: ±30 minutes | Cooking: ±30 minutes
Home-fried chicken

750ml-1L sunflower oil for frying

500ml (2c) flour

30ml (2T) barbecue spice

15ml (1T) origanum

15ml (1T) peppercorns, crushed

15ml (1T) Aromat

15ml (1T) paprika

2 eggs

125ml (¼c) barbecue sauce

125ml (¼c) sweet-chilli sauce

8 chicken full wings

Veggie waffles

500ml (2c) flour

15ml (1T) salt

60ml (4T) baking


30ml (2T) sugar

180ml milk

2 eggs

80ml melted butter

5ml (1t) vanilla essence

500ml (1c) Harvestime

Mixed Vegetables,

boiled for 2 min and


Spicy mango chutney

500ml (1c) sugar

250ml (½c) water

6 green chillies, chopped

fresh coriander,

chopped and to serve

15ml (1T) of lemon juice

3 or 4 fresh mangoes

  • Preheat the oil in a deep-frying pan or deep fryer to 190°C.
  • Home-fried chicken Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. In a separate bowl, mix all the sauces until well combined.
  • Clean the chicken wings, then toss in the seasoned flour. Doing two at a time, remove the
  • chicken wings from the flour, dunk in the sauces, then once more in the flour. Repeat until all the wings are coated.
  • Deep-fry until crisp and golden for 7-12 minutes. Put on an oven tray and in the oven at a low temperature to contain the heat and the crispy outside until serving time.
  • Veggie waffles Heat up a waffle iron. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and in a separate bowl mix the wet ingredients. Combine and mix well to make the batter.
  • Add the Harvestime Mixed Vegetables and fold into the batter. Ladle batter onto the waffle iron and cook until crisp and golden, remove and put in the oven with the chicken.
  • Spicy mango chutney Boil the sugar and water in a pan with the chillies for about 1 minute
  • then put aside to cool.
  • Once cooled, put the coriander, lemon juice and chilli syrup in a blender with the mangoes. Blend until smooth and decant into a small bowl.
  • Make a waffle bed and put the chicken on top. Drizzle the mango chutney over, as much or as little as you like. Garnish with fresh coriander and serve warm.